Microelectronics are a ubiquitous presence in our society, and assuring their safe and continuing operation is paramount for sustaining our modern way of life. Hardware failures, whether caused by resilience or security issues, have caused stock market glitches, self-driving car accidents, massive denial of online services, and the loss of critical and private information.

Our research addresses the issues of Integrated Circuit Resilience and Security (ICRS*), by leveraging experience and expertise across the entire microelectronics life cycle. This life cycle is increasingly multidisciplinary and complex, and includes electronic materials, device physics, circuit design, fabrication, packaging, metrology, and failure analysis.

(*Stylized as “icaris” and pronounced /ˈɪkərəs/ like the mythological Greek character.)

We are a research group affiliated with the Center for National Security Initiatives and the Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder.